Led by two brothers Mardani H Maming and Rois Sunandar Maming, who are also founders, PT. Batulicin Enam Sembilan, within this decade has shown rapid business growth and is able to build a solid foundation for its human resources, as well as a variety of portfolios from various other large companies.

Mardani H Maming as CEO, Making PT. Batulicin Enam Sembilan, as a company that continues to run its business based on good corporate governance standards, from the legality of the company, to financial reports that always use an external audit team, and always pay attention to occupational safety and health (K3) aspects. In addition, we are also active in implementing corporate social responsibility or CSR programs.

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PT Batulicin Enam Sembilan As a Holding Company Continues to Try to Build Its Business Professionally. We Are Able To Grow Rapidly Because It Is Supported By Various Advantages.

Integrated infrastructure to support mining logistics both coal and other minerals in our work area in the Tanah Bumbu Regency area.

Our logistics assets are positioned in strategic work areas

Our natural resources consist of coal and iron ore

Professional human resources

The potential for strong business growth in the Tanah Bumbu district

Maintainable income visibility

Strong fundamental support for our company

Dedicated and competent management in the mining industry and other businesses and supported by very adequate facilities

Infrastruktur yang terintegrasi untuk mendukung logistic pertambangan.

The potential for strong business growth in the Tanah Bumbu district
Aset – asset logistik kami berada pada posisi areal kerja yang strategis.
Visibilitas pendapatan yang dapat dipertahankan.
Sumber daya alam kami terdiri dari batubara dan bijih besi.
Dukungan fundamental yang kuat untuk perusahaan kami.
Sumber daya manusia yang profesional di bidang masing-masing.
Manajemen yang berdedikasi dan berkompeten di industry pertambangan.